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actually i dont have time for breakfast with heavy breakfast like nasi lemak, and that can make my body tired and fatigued can hurt my time as a housewife who now has 3 growing children. I hold on to the saying, that time is so precious. But at the same time I need energy for my daily life.

fruits and vegetables

I understand, for a healthier life we ​​have to eat food according to a food pyramid such as fruits and vegetables. But do you want to eat too much fruit? 1 kilo of apple? 1 basket of carrot to get the benefits of the fruit. Oh, not at all. This allows you to poison the fruit.
Proven way of staying healthy means eating a wide variety of foods from each of the four key food groups, in the amounts recommended. Eating many different foods helps maintain a healthy and interesting diet which provides a range of different nutrients to the body. 

No single food can provide all the essential nutrients. Therefore, it is important to consume a wide variety of foods to provide adequate intake of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, which are important for health

Botanic Superfood (Phyto Grains, Beans, & Fruits Blend) is formulated to incorporate the concept of HEALTHY DIET = HEALTHY FAMILY by presenting a formula of NUTRITIONAL-COMPLETE SUPERFOOD:

Botanic Superfood

Botanic Superfood
The four key food groups in Botanic Superfood are / Botanic Superfood
whey protein

Soy Bean, Red Bean, Mung Bean, Almond, Green Pea, Whey Protein, Green Bean, Black Soy Bean, Walnut

Botanic Superfood (Phyto Grains, Beans & Fruits Blend) is formulated to compose a nutritional-complete superfood from four key food groups to deliver a healthy eating, healthy living, and healthy family.

chia seed

Botanic Superfood

Nutritional Super Foods: Pomegranate, Black Ginger, Mangosteen, Oat Bran, Spirulina, Mulberry, Lingonberry, Chia Seed.

Find it hard to include different variety of foods from four food groups into snacks and meals?

Botanic Superfood (Phyto Grains, Beans & Fruits Blend) has it all!

botanic food
Botanic Superfood by linnity

Benefits Superfood
For Children :
  •  Boost immunity and for eye healthy development.
  •  Bone & brain healthy development
For Adult:
  • Prevent obesity and maintain healthy body weight.
  •  Increase energy & eye strength.
  •  Supplement of complete nutrients for daily requirement.
  •  Improve digestive functions and gut health
The elderly
  • Reduce risk of heart disease.
  •  Reduce cholesterol levels.
  •  Reduce risk of high blood pressure.
  •  Reduce risk of cancer.
  •  Reduce risk of diabetes.
  •  Reduce risk of eye disease.
Botanic Superfood is natural product
chia seed, Mulberry and Lingonberry
20gm in 1 sachet Botanic superfood
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powder of superfood
food and supplement
use warm water for superfood..stir the powder with 250ml water
Tengok..betapa sayangnya i dekat botanic superfood ni.Riadah di pantai pun bawa tauu.heeeh
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