tips for kitchen renovation for a budget
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TIPS for Kitchen Renovation with a Budget

There are many properties for sale in Malaysia, such as properties in Empire Damansara. However, buying a property can be unaffordable, especially for young working adults. Fret not, there are many ways you could revamp your house to make it more comfortable. This article will guide you through some tips for kitchen renovation with a budget.


  1. Consider your needs

Make a list of things that needed to be done to avoid over spending or spending unnecessarily. Make a shopping list to know what preparations you need to do and appliances you need to purchase. Having a plan could also save you from headaches and surprise cost. Set a budget and only go for things that you can afford. In addition, you will also need to prepare at least 10% of your budget for unplanned expenses that come unexpectedly.

You will also need to prepare a kitchen design and layout. Kitchen is one of the places in the house that you spend most of your time at. Therefore, your kitchen needs to be functional and practical. Plan out your kitchen design and layoung properly to prevent any unwanted problems. Make sure your kitchen layout is accessible and suits your needs.

tips for kitchen renovation for a budget

2. Resist temptations

We all know that Ikea catalog can be really tempting, especially when the prices are considered affordable for many people. Cutting cabinetry or tossing out old furniture can be really tempting too. However, resist the temptation to cart out your shopping cart or toss out old furniture. There are many ways to reuse your old furniture to recreate good looking and well functioning furniture. You can choose to laminate the countertops with stainless steel or wood edging to create a custom look. You can also choose to repaint your old furniture. Salvage what you can. Leave the hammer alone. You will be surprised at how much you save from the renovation costs.

3. Consider tiles

Tiles are generally more affordable than natural stone, such as marble or granite. Tiles can also be an option for floors, counters, backsplashes and so on. Be creative and try to mix and match to get what you want.

4. DIY

Do not toss out any of your old broken furniture or pottery shards. You can always use the broken pieces or tile scraps to create some artistic pattern for decoration purposes. Let your imagination and creativity run wild. You will be surprised at the end results. With so many websites available out there, such as Pinterest, you can easily find tutorials on how to DIY to beautify your house, or kitchen. Make full use of what you already have at home.

5. Leave plumbing alone

For every time you move a dishwasher, sink or gas stove, the price of renovation will increase. It is absolutely possible to keep your plumbing alone and keep your large appliances in place by planning ahead.

6. Paint your cabinets

White paint does magic to outdated and old cabinets. In addition, it is also a great way to save money, as you no longer need to buy a new cabinet, which will cost you a lot. It is recommended to paint the cabinets with high quality white semi gloss paint. You definitely do not need to toss out the whole cabinet. All you need is a good coat of paint to modernize their appearance.

7. Add lighting

Lighting can be a simple and affordable addition to your kitchen that creates a huge impact. More light in your kitchen will make it feel brighter and more open, giving it a modern feel. A good lighting can also add details to the space. Use an overhead lighting that is bright in concentrated areas, such as the areas where cooking will take place to enhance the space. You can also check out the fresh lght options, such as pendant lights or under cabinet lighting.

8. Shop online

With so many shopping websites available out there, online shopping is no longer deem as troublesome. In addition, the delivery option has also made shopping so much more convenient, as you no longer need to go to the physical store to lug back your bulky items.

If you still prefer to shop in physical stores, you can always choose to visit local stores in your neighborhood. Buying local might also be a cheaper option, as you do not need to pay for delivery fees, which can be quite expensive. Make sure you compare prices before you pay.

In conclusion, kitchen renovation with a tight budget is definitely doable, provided you follow strictly with your plan. Do plan ahead to avoid spending more than you should. If you really do not have the time to renovate your kitchen, you can choose to engage with an interior designer to help you. It might cost a little more than doing it on your own, but it will save you from a lot of time and troubles.

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